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          csun eop

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          welcome to the advising resource center/eop

          advisement update:

          we have moved to virtual advisement!

          *we are currently serving students virtually, in accordance with guidance from public health officials, the governor and the csu system to combat the spread of covid-19*

          the advising resource center/eop advisors are available to provide virtual advisement.

          throughout the covid-19 crisis, advisement appointments will be scheduled remotely

          ***due to the covid-19 crisis, the advising resource center center/eop staff are working remotely. 

          our advising team is available to provide advisement and to assist you with your questions.  please send us a detailed email and we will respond in a timely manner, in the order the emails are received. 

          fall 2020 advisement holds: on march 18, 2020, we received notice that there will be no fall 2020 advisement holds on registration (this excludes probation holds, f-holds on international students, and other special holds.). you will be able to register fall courses once your registration date arrives. most students will be assigned registration dates between june 8-july 5, 2020, however, please check your portal or expect an email from admissions and records that confirms your actual registration date and time.

          to schedule an email/phone/zoom advisement appointment or to ask general questions, please email us at:  arceop@csun.edu

          in your email, please include the following information to help us schedule your appointment:

          • your first and last name
          • csun student id
          • possible major
          • reason for advisement
          • general days/times you would be available for an appointment
          • preference for an email, phone, or zoom appointment
          • please also provide your phone number so that we may contact you, if necessary to finalize your appointment

            we will review emails as they come in and will reply in a timely manner. 

            to ask quick advisement-related questions that do not usually require an appointment, please email the advisors at arceop@csun.edu

            we look forward to working with you soon!

            ~advising resource center/eop team

          advising resource center/eop mission statement

          the advising resource center/eop (arc/eop) at california state university, northridge exists to provide exploratory majors who are eop, as well as continuing exploratory majors admitted to csun prior to fall 2019. the arc/eop offers support services and a holistic approach to guiding student decision-making and development through a mentoring approach to advisement and career development. we provide students with the opportunity to:

          • by providing advisement and advocacy for students to aid in successful matriculation during their academic career;
          • providing personal support during the students transition to a college;
          • providing appropriate referrals to students; and
          • promoting, guiding and supporting the overall academic, personal and career development of exploratory students.

          • by providing an array of student support services and advisement in a caring environment; 
          • fostering community and mentoring experiences;
          • helping students connect to the appropriate programs/departments (major); and,
          • providing students with ample opportunities for self exploration through career development.

          • by creating opportunities for students to choose a major.

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          arc/eop exploratory Flyer



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